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Barkin Buddha Java, Coffee that Cares about the Welfare of Animals

Barkin Buddha Java's journey began, with a vision from our founder Rachelle Berman-Giles who loves animals, and coffee lover. She wanted to create an online coffee company that would give back to animals waiting for their chance for a forever home. Barkin Buddha Java combined  a unique way for animals and people to connect, what better way than over a cup of coffee.

Barkin Buddha Java, not only supports animals in need, but also the small family coffee growers, and women owned coffee farms, in other countries that our coffee beans are purchased from. We support fair trade, organic, environmentally  conscious, and ethically farmed coffee beans.

Our coffee never sits on the shelf waiting to be purchased, Barkin Buddha Java prides itself on freshly roasting our coffee beans, the moment we receive your order, and shipped the same day, 

Every bag of coffee, or coffee subscription purchased, a percentage of our coffee sales goes towards supporting a animal shelter, or animal rescue.

The best part about our coffee is the animals we serve, and the customers who support our cause.

Our Barkin Buddha Java Signature Blend is the heart and soul of our coffee blends, with a combination of Costa Rican, and Brazilian beans, creating a decadent coffee with velvety dark chocolate, and warm nutty undertones.