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The Perfect Grind

Gourmet coffee that is sustainably sourced from small family- farms and estates, and air roasted in small batches bring out the coffees complex flavor notes, with no burnt after taste, delivers the best flavor profile for your perfect cup of coffee.

 Barkin Buddha Java is a gourmet coffee company that air roast their coffee in small batches, when the customer places their order, ensuring the freshest coffee beans are delivered directly to their front door.

The type of grind you choose, and the method of brewing, makes a big difference in the way your coffee tastes.

To help guide you in choosing the perfect grind for your coffee beans, here are a few suggested ways to get the desired results with your perfect grind.


                        Coarse Grind: 

            Coarse grind that is the consistency of course sea salt. 

                         * French Press

                         * Cold brew coffee

                         * Percolator


                         Medium Grind:

           Medium grind has the consistency of beach sand.

                         * Auto drip coffee makers

                         * Drip makers with cone shape filters

                         * Pour Over Method


                         Fine Grind: 

           Fine grind for Espresso has the consistency of coca powder

                         * Espresso stove top pots

                         * Espresso makers

To ensure the freshest coffee always store your coffee in an airtight container, in a cool dark place, such as your kitchen cupboard or pantry.

Never store in the freezer or refrigerator the extreme temperature change and moisture will affect the taste of the coffee.