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Top 10 Things Animal Shelters Desperately Need

What we at Barkin Buddha Java strive to do, is to support animal shelters and rescue organizations with what they desperately need the most, we have listed the top ten things our funds help provide these animal shelters and rescue organizations. Check in with your local animal shelter or rescue organization and inquire what they may currently need.

Top 10 Things Animal Shelters Desperately Need

1. Money: Cash flow is a huge need that shelters have for the care of the animals, operational costs, and vet bills.

2. Pet food and Treats: Pet food and treat donations are so greatly appreciated, it helps with the burden of cash flow expenses.

3. Crates and Carriers

4.Towels and Blankets: Gently used towels and blankets are so in important to keeping the animals warm, clean, and feeling secure and safe.

5. Cleaning Supplies

6. Toys: Just like us humans, animals get bored, and like to have a little entertainment and fun. 

7. Collars and Leashes

8. Grooming Supplies: Shampoos, conditioners, brushes, combs, clippers, and dryers, are just a few suggestions that take away some of the financial burden, from the shelters and rescue organizations.

9. Newspaper and Cat Litter: Something as simple as newspaper can lessen the burden, of animal shelters and rescue organizations. Newspaper provides sanitary lining for crates and carriers, and nesting material for other little critters. Cat littler is always in great demand at animal shelters.

10. Food and Water Bowls: We at Barkin Buddha Java never thought of donating food and water bowls, it is all the little things that add a big cost to animal shelters and rescue organizations.