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Top 5 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

Top 5 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds

1. Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee body scrub is invigorating, and stimulating to your skin, and senses. Leaving behind silky smooth skin.

Barkin Buddha Java Body Scrub:

1 cup of freshly ground coffee

1/2 cup of olive oil or coconut oil

1/2 tbsp. of orange extract

1/2 tbsp. of chocolate extract

Mix ingredients all together in a small bowl. 

Apply liberally to the body, and rinse off.


2. Keep Cats Away

Many cats hate the smell of coffee grounds, and may avoid using your garden as a litter box. It is best to use a cheap coffee brand, because you will need fresh ground coffee.


3. Freshen up the Compost Bin

Not only is coffee grounds good for your compost, coffee grounds are also good for keeping your bin fresh smelling. I like to add orange peels and mint as well.


4. Coffee Fresheners 

Make up a few fabric bags to add coffee beans or fresh ground coffee, to rid the car, closet, shoes and any other place that has offending odors.


5. Plant Fertilizer

Acid loving plants, such as Hydrangeas, Begonias, Azaleas. Sprinkle grounds around the plants, and water.