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What To Know Before You Adopt a Pet

What we at Barkin Buddha Java has learned, while researching the needs of animal shelters, and rescue centers, is that the majority of animals that are surrendered, is because the person or family was not prepared for the commitment, and financial responsibility of owning a pet. Below are a few helpful tips to consider before adopting a pet.

1. Time and Commitment

2. Space; Do you have plenty of space in your yard and home for a active pet?

3. Financial Commitment; Having a pet is a financial commitment, create a budget, including food, vet bills, and day care for your pet.

 4.Does the animals personality match you and your families personalities and lifestyle? For example a very active or alpha dog, will not do well with a person or family, who is not committed to providing activities and training for these types of dog's. 

 5. Make sure everyone in the household is not allergic to pet  dander.               

 6. Pick a Vet.

 7. Go slow when introducing your new pet to family and friends.

 8. Have a pet crate where your pet can feel safe and have down time.

 9. Stock up on supplies before your pet arrives at your home.

 10. Pet proof your home.